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Friday, March 02, 2007

A little from Myspace....

So's what I posted on my myspace last night, and thought I'd post it here as well cause I'm bored as hell right now.

"About five minutes ago, it just hit me that I truely know what I want to do with my life. I know more than anything that I want to go to Moorpark for their EATM program (Exotic Animal Training and Managment) but I can't even apply for another two years. I CAN'T wait that long!! I want to get the hell out of here now!! I wanna go to that school, I wanna move to California to go to that school, and I swear, I will do ANYTHING to go there. But there's only about a 50/50 chance that I'll get in, but I can guarentee I want it more than anyone right now! After checking out their myspace page and seeing what people do there, it just hit me that I want to be doing that kinda stuff NOW!!! I'm tired of high school, and I wanan get going in my life. I hate being stuck here, and I hate that I'll be going to ECC for two years before I can even apply for Moorpark.

Plus another thing is that my mom is so paranoid about me going!! I mean, I can understand why, it's in California and I'd be living in an apartment because they don't have dorms there, but I don't care. I'd rather live in an apartment because I think I can handle it. But also m y mo wants me to get a roommate, but I don't want a roommate. I want to learn to be independant, and I wanna go to Moorpark by myself, so I can know what to expect. I'm not gonna have a roommate in life until I get married, and I can guarentee that won't be for awhile.

God....I'm gett so anxious about it! I know my senior year has been flying by, but two years is too long of time to wait! I want so desperately to start my college career, cause that means that I'll be doing what I love that much sooner! I know I'm suppose to enjoy my senior year, and don't get me wrong, I's just that I'm looking forward to college so much more. I know I hate homework and I hate studying, but I will do anything to get into Moorpark!! I see all these pictures of students who go there and are part of the EATM team, and I get so envious!! I want to go there and work with animals like I have always wanted my WHOLE life. Ever since I was 5, I knew I was suppose to do something with animals, because they truely are my passion! I know I have writing as well, and people are always telling me to give up the animal thing and persue my writing, but I just can't! I'm so dedicated to animals and I can't just give it up!

I will do ANYTHING I can to get into Moorpark, but I'm terrified that I won't get in. I mean.....I have no backup plan. I don't wannt be stuck at NIU because there's nothing I want there. Yes, it's a good school and if I were to go, I'd be with alot of my friends, but I don't wanna go there. I wanna go to Moorpark, but something keeps eating at me...saying that it's not gonna happen.
I know this is what I wanna do in life and I want to do it NOW!!!! Like I said before, I don't like being stuck here. There's NOTHING for me here. There's no reason to stay, except for my family. I mean yeah, I'll miss my friends, but they're gonan be going off, doing their own thing at places where they can do their things, but not me. The only thing close to animals we have here is 4A...and Hampshire doesn't even have that! They have FFA, and I don't even plan on becoming a Furture Farmer, so that doesn't help me any! And if I were to persue writing, the only thing we have here is journalism, and I'm not into that. I tell stories, not report the news. I have an imagination, and I use it! There's nothing in Hampshire, yet I'm stuck here for another yew years...and it's not even guarenteed that I"ll be going to Moorpark. If not, then what then? Like I said, I have no backup plan, and this is the only thing I have set in my mind.

God, I don't know what to do. I feel empty being here, and I wanna go out and start my life already...and I know Moorpark is the start of it!"

Friday, January 19, 2007

My story covers....

Ok, so I've printed out 2 of my stories right now, and I'm editing one at the moment. So I got bored, and decided to make covers for my stories, so check 'em out.

Fallen Angel...

State Of Mind

A Monster's Reflection (This is the one I'm still working on...and she's looking into a mirror. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it look that way.)

Tell me what you think.

Ok, so I've printed out 2 of my stories right now, and I'm editing one at the moment. So I got bored, and decided to make covers for my stories, so check 'em out.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Story Information...

Ok, so here's the update on all of my stories.
1. A Monster's Reflection- 263 pgs (My pride!!!)
2. Rich Ransom- 254 pgs (The fun story)
3. The Cusack Adventures- 187 pgs (The adventurous one)
4. State Of Mind- 108 pgs (The serious one I just finished, December 14, 2006)
5. Slave Girl- 98 pgs (The first one I did.)
6. Returning Home- 82 pgs (Eh, it's ok)
7. Death Is The Beginning- 54 pgs (My second story)
8. Fallen Angel- 50 pgs (My short story)
9. Immortality- 48 pgs (One of the originals)
Working On:
1. Beaten......yeah, I'm still working on it
2. Sweet Home, chicago......I just started it today on the train ride to Chicgo
3. The Cusack Adventures: Caribbean Islands.......brain block
4. Obsessed......haven't worked on it in awhile
5. Beware The Man In Armour......a little project
So yeah.....then I have about 60 other stories I haven't even started on yet, so yeah. That's my update.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OH YA.....IT'S A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, it's a good day cause at 10:45 p.m. today.....I finished writing my story State Of Mind in my notebook, so I'm gonna start typing it up tonight. Hell ya!!!! I love it!!! Longest one in my notebook yet...33 pgs in my notebook, but probably around 200 when I'm done typing it up. I don't think it's gonna be my longest story, and I think it's only long in my notebook cause I'm getting more detailed when I write in my notebook, so that's probably why. Anyways, I"m relaly excited and I just watsed 2 minutes of your time. haha. lol. jk. I'll talk to ya later.

Much Love...


Saturday, November 25, 2006


Yes, that's right...I actually found a college that is perfect to me and it's NOT ECC!!!!!! Or even NIU, it's called Moorpark College in Moorpark, California. It has EATM (Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.) which means that I would learn to train and work with wild/exotic animals like I've ALWAYS wanted to do!! Everyone who knows me knows tha this is what I've wanted to do forever, but I never knew what to do to do it.

Today before Thanksgiving dinner, I was talking to Shelly (My mom's cousin) who works at Lamb's Farm, and we got on the subject my my school and what I wanted to do after I graduate. I said probably just ECC, and she asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I told her that I really wanted to work with animals like Animal Control or wildlife triner, and she told me about Moorpark College. She says that I'd get hands on experience with a whole bunch of different animals, and I'd learn how to train them, and then she told me that they also had aprogram there that helps with writting, and since I really enjoy writting screenplays, she told me this place would be perfect for me!! The thing they do with animals is that you train animals for movies, tv, that would be a perfect perfession for me.....getting to work with animals and write movies at the same time (But if I had to choose between them, I'd DEFINITELY choose animals first!!!!)

But the thing is is that it requires pretty much ALL your family no, no personal time, no relationship time, and that's the only bad thing cause everyone knows I LOVE to be around my family, expecially at parties, and I'm bummed about that, but this is what I've always wanted to do!!!!

So Shell is gonna send me some information on it, but after she told me about it, I've already started doing research on it. Here's the site.... The thing is, I have to take alot of science classes before I go, and I'd need to get some training here in Illinois, maybe at the local vetenary office or maybe some volunteer work at Brookfield zoo...either way, I'm damned sure this is what I wanna do, and I'm going to do eveyrthing I can to try and go there!!! Tuition isn't really that bad, but they don't have dormitories so I'd have to get my own apartment, and they said that it's REALLY hard to hold down a job while you're there, cause all your spare time is taken by working at their zoo. So I'd have to be financially stable to do that, but I don't think I'd be able to go right away, cause I don't have the required classes to apply. So I'd get my classes done at ECC, then try to get in.

Now it's not a sure thing, and Shell said she'd try to help me find some other colleges like it that are a little closer to here, but I finally found a college that I'm excited to hear about. While Shelly was explaining it to me, I was so into it and I wanted to know ALL I could about it!!! I think I finally found a way to do what I wanna do, and it feels so good!!! Like I said, it's not a sure thing, but I'm gonna do whatever the hell I have to to do it!!!!

So as you can probably tell, I'm absolutely ESTATIC to hear about this!! Anyways, I'm gonna go, and do a little more research on this. I'll talk to you guys later.


Ok, so here's the update as of mom took a look at the Moorpark College wesite, and she says it sounds like a good idea!!! I know, I can't believe it. She says that all the costs it would be isn't that much cause it includes what it would cost for me to get an apartment, food, ect...and she says it sounds like a good school!!! I know, I can't believe it. Like I said before though, I probably won't be able to go until another 2 or 3 years after I graduate, but hell, it's not that far away. And the other thing is that it only take about 50-55 people a year, and about 100-110 people apply every year. So I hope that when I do apply, I'll be able to get in. OMG, I can't wait!!!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The guy I've been talking about....

So ya, I'm guessing that some of you might be wondering who this Trey Parker is that I’ve been talking about. Well, I finally found out how to work the pictures on this so I’m gonna post a couple of REALLY good ones....

So this is him, and this has to be my favorite picture of him cause I’m a sucker for eyes, and I LOVE his eyes... :)

And this is his band that he was in from 1993-2002 called EYC. This is an old article from 1995 I think and it's them winning Best New Album. The other members of the group are Damon Butler and Damon Loeffler

And this is a picture of Trey back in 1991 when he was on the set of the movies Newsies. He played kid Blink and had to wear an eye patch, but he still looked really good. And plus here you get to see his beautiful eyes! hehe. This is from the special features part of the dvd

And this picture is from EYC's 1999 music video called Only A Dream. It's a great song and he sings pretty much the whole thing, and I love his eyes gere!

And the next two pictures are Trey in EYC's video Feelin' Alright back from 1993. He just looked to cute!

How can you resisit? hehe

The next two are from EYC's video called In The Beginning, I believe from 1995. Here he has long hair, and I'm a sucker for long hair, ask anyone. Plus in the first picture it looks like Trey is trying to seduce you. hehe

Another Newsies picture.

This is Trey in Newsies, and i love this picture cause apparently there was a blooper here, and just the look on his face is so cute. He wasn't supposed to smile, but he noticed something and did. It's so cute!

And last, but not least, this is him now. (age 34) with the group he's with now called The MVPs. They're a local band in California and play for parties an all that, but they're popular in Cali and Las Vegas. (He's the one in the Pink shirt and beanie. lol)

So yeah, that's him. lol. Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do. lol

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's a good day

Ok, so first off, had an pretty fun weekend, but I didn't get alot of sleep so this morning I was EXTREMLY tired today. During Spanish class I think I scared my friend Crystal cause I was so slap happy and I was laughing at everything. lol. And we played Hockey during gym, so I LOVED taht, but my team isn't that great. Heather and Trish are really the only 2 that did anything besides me. But it was still fun. I got to go head to head with the certain red head I like. lol. Let's see....I started writting a new story in my notebook so that's all I did during art. lol. Then I came home....put in more applications to Petsmart, cause I am DETERMINED to get a job there. lol. And after I was done, I started working on my story Rich Ransom...and guess what..............................................I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha. It's about time. I started it in 2004 and I"m now just finishing late 2006. Haha....but then again I started how many other stories after that? So's been a good day since I was able to finish it!! And I made a new picture with the adobe photoshop I have. So apparently it won't show up below, but at the top. So there it is. lol.

So I guess I'll talk to ya'll later.